What is the vision?

If you read the About page you will see this:

Wribly is an online application that allows people to participate in the creation of a story by collaborating in a fun way.

I will explain my vision for this site backwards… starting from the future. Tighten your seat belts!

  • Year 2020. A boy runs to his dad brimming with excitement: “Dad! Dad! The latest Wribly movie has come out!! Can we go watch it? Please, please, please“. With over 100 million users, Wribly is producing stories of amazing quality. Movie studios are lining up to produce movies based on a Wribly story.
  • Year 2015. An architect in Chile (translated): “Wow, this drawing is great. This is exactly how I imagined this character!“. Wribly introduces a parallel drawing contest attached to every Wribly story. Users can submit drawings or paintings of particular scenes in the book as they are written.
  • Year 2014. A college student in the US: “Dude, have you read the latest Wribly book? It’s awesome! I wish they would do a movie about it.” Books published by Wribly (online and in print) reach the NY times bestsellers list.
  • Year 2013. A student in Singapore to her friend: “Oi! Did you hear? Wribly opened up to the general public already! Wah, can you imagine if thousands of people participate in a story? It will be amazing!!!” Wribly opens the website to the public. Hundreds of students from the schools that previously participated in contests join the site. Within 5 months, the site counts with over 10 thousand users.
  • Year 2012. In a school in Singapore: “Good evening students. I am your English teacher. I want to announce that our school has entered a writing competition with another school. The winners will earn an A+ in an exam. You can participate, after school hours, by entering the Wribly website. Let’s show them who the most creative school is!!“. Wribly initially opens as a service for schools to allow their students, in their free time, to engage in reading, writing and being creative. The initial test is a big success. Students were greatly engaged in the process, and the stories produced were of high quality.

So now, it is time to begin the work :)

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