What have we done so far for Wribly?

This is a detailed outline of the steps so far:

  • December 2009. The idea of Wribly first began. Back then it was called WeWroteThatBlockbuster and it had the goal of producing a pre-script to eventually sell to Hollywood studios (hmmm, yeah right).
  • January – March 2010.¬†Gathered 15 friends to run a pilot of the idea. This was done via email.
  • May 2010. Submitted WeWroteThatBlockbuster to Kickstarter.com. Was rejected because we didn’t have a reward to offer. Fair enough.
  • April 2010. Purchased the domain name of WeWroteThatBlockbuster.com.
  • April 2011. Contacted the group NUS hackers for advice. Angad and Eli were very helpful. They led me to the cofoundify newsletter.
  • June 2011. Learned how to program PHP in youtube’s ‘PHP academy‘. Created a minimal working site.
  • July 2011. Started reading blogs and listening to podcasts related to starting a business (for a list of my favorites check out the links on the sidebar)
  • July 2011. Polled Facebook friends for a new name. The winner was Wribly!
  • July 2011. Hired Aeolidia to design the website
  • August 2011. Cofoundify newsletter came out. Was contacted by 5 people, with different backgrounds… programmers,¬†advertisers and other entrepreneurs. These leads were very promising for future collaboration. Several of them mentioned¬†Founder Institute.
  • September 2011. After watching Founder Institute’s founder video on TechCrunch I started following his advice: set up a unbounced account to do a/b testing, started a blog (yup, you are reading it), started a Wribly Facebook and Twitter account and finally applied to Founder Institute.
What’s coming out in the future?
  • Hopefully get accepted to Founder Institute
  • The design should be finished before 2012
  • In early 2012 pilot the site among friends and family
  • In mid-2012 start contacting potential customers
That’s were we are at now! I’ll keep you posted on the advances of the site!
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