Websitetoolbox and Facebook Ads

This week I want to briefly talk about 2 new tools I am using now:

1) Websitetoolbox: I used this company to add a forum to my website. Initially I tried installing YAF, however, after several attempts at installing it in my server, I gave up and decided to go for the less techie option. Websitetoolbox is really easy to install, and they allow for automatic integration with your website aesthetics. The only problems are that it is not free, and it is hosted in their servers. I think for now I will use this method, but I envision switching to YAF in the future, unless (Websitetoolbox comes up with some really cool features)

2) Facebook ads: I am targeting ads to people in high school in Singapore, that have shown interest in reading or writing. The ad targets 2,600 people, and after 12 hours has been seen by 1000 people, and clicked 4 times. I have 2 ads:

One that reads:
- Have a great movie idea? Join us, and help in the creation of the next blockbuster!

The other one reads:
- RGS, Hwa Chong, ACS. Which is the most creative school? Help us find out!

Each one has 500 views. The first ad has received 0 clicks and the second one 4 clicks that lead to 1 sign up. For these 4 clicks I am paying USD$1.23. Not sure if it is worth yet, but for a few dollars I am willing to find out.

If there is anything interesting that comes out of this, I’ll post about it.

PS: So far we have 47 beta testers subscribed. This is enough to start, but I will try to shoot for 100. Fingers crossed!

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