Stage 2 so far

With only 2 days left for submissions on Stage 2, we have seen very interesting differences when comparing to stage 1. In Stage 2 we have seen:

- Smaller number of submissions (9 vs 30+ in Stage 1)
- Bigger number of comments and interactions between the users (increase of 600%)

These observations are not all that surprising. The decrease in number of submissions is due to the fact that it is harder to submit in Stage 2, since now submissions are 1-page long compared to the 1-paragraph of Stage 1. The increase in the number of comments is a reflection of an ongoing discussion and dissection of the story. It is very heartening to see people giving honest constructive opinions on others’ entries. The story is taking shape, and I really enjoy where it is heading. Go check it out! (

Now, for the future, I have mentioned this in the forum, but my next big improvement of the site will be to add an opt-in option to receive an email notification when new submissions are ready to be voted on. This way, users won’t have to log into the site every time they want to check whether there is something new to vote on. I am hoping to finish that some time this week!

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