Stage 1 so far

This has been a crazy week! Stage 1 of Wribly is more than half way through with 4 days left for submissions. So far we have 31 submissions, 7 of which are still in the running after a whopping 274 votes!! The number of subscribed users has increased to 34 (mostly thanks to the facebook ads I have running). It is very nice to see that people are participating and sending their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the site.

One of the recurrent comments was that users wanted a way to see all the submissions sent so far, and be able to access the comments of users more easily. Yesterday I upgraded the site to include these features.

There are still many kinks that I need to figure out how to resolve, such as:
- While a few of the users come to the site regularly to vote, most of them only come after I send an email reminder.
– Many users don’t realize that, even though voting is ongoing, submissions are still open. Because we are doing head-to-head voting, late submissions are not punished (nor benefited) compared to older ones.

I have to admit… I am a bit nervous about stage 2 of the project. This will be a crucial step. Why? I am not sure people will be willing to develop someone else’s idea. In my eyes, stage 2 is one of the most creatively demanding, since we need to flesh out (in one page) the flow of the story. Playing with Wribly in the past, stage 2 has been the most fun for me. I just have to cross my fingers now that other participants will give this stage a chance.

If you have any ideas on how to resolve any of the issues stated above, or how to motivate people to participate, please drop me an email at… all feedback is welcome!

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