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Wribly is an online application that allows people to participate in the creation of a story by collaborating in a fun way.

Let me ask you to participate in a thought-experiment. Imagine that:

  1. There are 1 million people willing to work together in order to create and develop a single story, narrative or piece of fiction.
  2. These 1 million people are provided with an online application that allows them to collaborate in a democratic, engaging and fun way.

Definition: The quality of a story generated on Wribly will be measured as the creativity of the content and how engaging and entertaining the story is for most people (i.e. not necessarily for the English literature professor at Harvard). Notice that considerations such as style and structure are purposely left out of this definition.

Proceeding with the thought-experiment…


  • Do you think that it is possible that these 1 million people will be able to generate a product of high quality?
  • Do you think that this product could be of higher quality than most stories created by a single person (even if this single person is a successful professional writer)?

Note: Check out this post and this book for discussions that touch this topic


To learn in detail how the website works please check the How Does it Work page

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