On Creativity

The Wikipedia article on creativity highlights the many different ways that the word creativity can be understood and studied.
However, one of my favorite definitions comes from this article. Here is an adapted quote:

Creativity is defined as the active human response to under-determined situations, where choice, ambiguity and uncertainty are present.

The reason why I like this definition is that it highlights how much of our lives actions are determined by the circumstances that surround us. In other words, how little creativity permeates our lives.
Think about it… in how many situations have you found yourself this past week, month or year, in which the choices are ambiguous and uncertain, and in which you have made a choice? Notice also the word “under-determined”, which I take to mean that there isn’t a clear path cut out for you. That you can’t follow what everyone else is doing. You, and your creativity are on your own.

Another key thing to take into consideration is that according to this definition, people are not creative or non-creative, it is their actions that can be called creative or not. Furthermore, actions can only be considered creative given the right “under-determined” situation. Without this situation, creativity is not even possible.

Wribly provides this situation. And all actions within this site will be creative by definition. A different question relates to the quality of the creative product. But we will discuss this in a future post.

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