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As mentioned in my previous post, in July we contacted Aeolidia to design our site. Their prices are on the up-side of our budget, but since we feel so strongly that a good design is crucial for the success of the site, we went for it.

Aeolidia is based in the US. So why did we choose them over other companies? or maybe a local company? There are a few reasons:

1- They designed my wife’s site, pequitobun, and we were very happy with their¬†professionalism¬†and the quality of the work. Go check it out!
2- They have an online platform that allows to interact with their designers. It’s been a breeze working with them, even though we are half a world away (we are located in Singapore).
3- More importantly, we loved the quirkiness and feel of their designs. Without going any further, their homepage is outstanding (that’s kind of like a starting point for a web design company right?). Check out their portfolio, it is really inspiring!
4- We checked the portfolios of a few local companies, and, while they design nice, sleek sites, we generally felt they were too ‘mainstream’. A bit lacking the spark. Maybe I’m being unfair to local designers, but we just didn’t feel the fit.

That brings us back to Aeolidia. Let me tell you a bit about our experience so far. For the pequitobun design, my wife just told them the general feel she wanted, and answered a bunch of questions, and Aeolidia suggested a design. If she didn’t like it, she could have said so, and they would then create a whole new design. In Wribly’s case, it seems we are having a lot more involvement in the design. It is probably because it is a much harder site to design than an online retail site, like pequitobun. Initially, we worked with a great illustrator to get a character for the logo, and a few spot characters to spread around the site. She also created a homepage explanatory drawing for how the site works. At every step, she would ask us what we thought, up to the most minute detail. I loved waking up every morning to a message from her asking us what we thought about a certain illustration. That was fun.

After this first stage, another person, the designer, will use these illustrations to build the logo, and the general design of the site. This we just started, so I can’t really comment much about this. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to working with the designer in this stage of the project.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Aeolidia designs. And I hope to impress you with Wribly’s design in a couple of months!! :)

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