“coming soon” email to beta testers

Beta testing for Wribly will begin in a couple of weeks. Just this weekend I added some functionality to the site, such as being able to know the number of total submissions in current stages, as well as how many are still ‘alive’ (meaning, still in the running to become the stage winner). Also, I have added the status of the user’s submissions in their homepage.

So this week I want to send out an email to the 60 people that signed up to participate in Wribly beta testing. It turns out, it has been a bit of a challenge. I had written an email in mailchimp, and then a couple of days back I heard an amazing interview on Mixergy precisely about this topic. It was very lucky of me to catch this interview right at the moment I needed it. I will create another post later to talk more in detail about mixergy, but for now, I would highly recommend listening to this particular interview with Neville Medhora. In the end I completely changed my original email to incorporate the tips from this interview.

The email should come out in the next few hours… I hope most people in the mailing list will sign up to the site. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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