Great animation of a lecture on education

I am posting this here because I think it is very interesting and inspiring. Hope you enjoy it!

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Websitetoolbox and Facebook Ads

This week I want to briefly talk about 2 new tools I am using now:

1) Websitetoolbox: I used this company to add a forum to my website. Initially I tried installing YAF, however, after several attempts at installing it in my server, I gave up and decided to go for the less techie option. Websitetoolbox is really easy to install, and they allow for automatic integration with your website aesthetics. The only problems are that it is not free, and it is hosted in their servers. I think for now I will use this method, but I envision switching to YAF in the future, unless (Websitetoolbox comes up with some really cool features)

2) Facebook ads: I am targeting ads to people in high school in Singapore, that have shown interest in reading or writing. The ad targets 2,600 people, and after 12 hours has been seen by 1000 people, and clicked 4 times. I have 2 ads:

One that reads:
- Have a great movie idea? Join us, and help in the creation of the next blockbuster!

The other one reads:
- RGS, Hwa Chong, ACS. Which is the most creative school? Help us find out!

Each one has 500 views. The first ad has received 0 clicks and the second one 4 clicks that lead to 1 sign up. For these 4 clicks I am paying USD$1.23. Not sure if it is worth yet, but for a few dollars I am willing to find out.

If there is anything interesting that comes out of this, I’ll post about it.

PS: So far we have 47 beta testers subscribed. This is enough to start, but I will try to shoot for 100. Fingers crossed!

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Anybeat and feedbackroulette

I want to say something about 2 services that just came to my attention:

1) Anybeat: I heard about AnyBeat during an interview in “This Week in Startups”. When I heard Dmitry, the founder, was starting yet another social network! I thought he was nuts. And he might just be, but that does not distract from the great fun I’ve had using Anybeat today. The layout looks very much like Google+, however, unlike Google+ or facebook, AnyBeat is meant not for you to hang out with your friends in real life, but rather to hang out with people you don’t know. To make new friends. To socialize with people with similar interests. Sooooo, they have topics of discussion, questions/answers, etc all of this integrated seamlessly with the social component of the site. If I had any money to put on a website, I would put it on this one.

Which brings me to the second website. I went to a startup group in AnyBeat to check it out and say hi, and a very nice guy called j_ (yeah, weird name) gave me amazing advice of how to get people to sign up for beta testing. One of the many things he suggested was:

2) FeedbackRoulette: I am a bit hooked in FBR right now. In this site, you submit your website, and pose very specific questions, such as, what do you think of the idea? what do you think of the layout? do you think the colors are ugly? Can you understand the pricing scheme?… etc. Basically, anything that you need feedback on. Cleverly enough, they only allow you to receive feedback, if you provide feedback. The funny thing is, providing feedback is fun! Go check it out, and maybe you’ll bump into my Wribly questions :)

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